Our Story

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We’ve been building excellence in every home for over 30 years!  That’s a lot of beautiful homes, delighted owners and unrivaled value.  We’ve built a reputation as one of Puget Sound’s leading contractors for quality and value. We specialize in urban residential in-fill by razing existing structures and replacing them with beautiful homes: unique, high-end, contemporary design with a custom feel. The ability to successfully identify and execute projects that meet the unique market needs of each neighborhood has allowed us to create win-win projects for real-estate investors and homeowners for decades.

We begin every home with the belief that a special family will buy it, live in it, love it and make it their home for years to come. That vision drives every decision, allowing us to design, plan and build value, function, comfort, quality, excellence and craftsmanship in every home. Our favorite experience is walking through finished houses with the new owners, seeing the delight on their faces and excitement in their voices as it sinks in; they’re standing in their new home. Funny thing, we also experience a similar delight and excitement knowing these are the friends we were imagining so many months ago when their home was just an idea, a dream. We were building with them in mind all along!